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Fishing magnets (also called Salvage magnets) are consist of handling ring on the top of a strong pot magnet, with rare earth neodymium magnets encased inside, as the steel covers around the magnet, it provides an efficient magnetic circuit and get all the magnetic fields centralized on only one side, the magnetic force is many times stronger than magnet alone.

The fishing magnets are very durable, the hard and rigid steel case ensure the magnets stay safe inside and wont break easily like magnets alone, it can help protect the magnet against cracking when it is used to do magnet fishing.

Types of Fishing Magnets

Manufacturing method

The fishing magnets are produced based pot magnets, the handling ring is assembled on the top of single magnetic side pot magnet or the lateral side of double magnetic sides pot magnet, while the magnet is glued inside the lathed steel cup, interleaving by an epoxy layer.

There is different series of fishing magnets, we can use type A/D/H series to form a single magnetic side finishing magnet, while double magnetic sides fishing magnets is with two single magnets on each side to achieve a double magnetic force. The steel case and handling ring can be painted with many colors if the MOQ meet painting factorys request.


Just like the name, fishing magnets were firstly developed for magnet fishing, mainly to search and grab ferrous metal objects lost or hidden under the water, with a rope fixed on fishing magnet, you can search all over a lake, pond or rover and may get what you never know.

Along a complete of designs and sizes with magnetic forces from 3kg to 1,000kg produced, fishing magnets can be used for almost all handling jobs in both industrial and commercial, like industrial working room, supermarket, home guard and more.