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Magnetic clips (also called Clip magnets, Magnetic bulldog clips) are consist of strong magnets inserted in a plastic or steel clip shape, the magnetic pull force is very strong compared their small sizes, even the smallest version can hold at least 3.5kg.

Magnetic clips are availed in various designs, sizes, colors, they are an innovative and interesting promotional tools for brand or value building, as they are easily movable and their magnetic is permanent, they can be used for a very long time, this means your advertising will be working always.

Types of Magnetic Clips

Manufacturing method

Magnetic clips have two parts, one part is a clip shaped casing, the casing can be steel or ABS plastic, steel is generally in silver color with nickel or chrome coating, while there are a variety colors of plastic available. You can design a very beautiful and thoughtful logo or picture to be printed on the clips, which meet your business ideas.

The other part is strong magnets, they can be rare earth Neodymium magnets or standard ferrite magnets, they provide different pull force for your choice.

Applications of Magnetic Clips

Magnetic clips are an very effective promotional option, as they are widely used in home, school, office and shops, they can keep lists, memos, schedules, photos, restaurant orders and more to any metal surface, like fridges, magnetic board, tool boxes, magnetic cable, lockers, file cabinets etc.