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Magnetic hooks (also called hook magnets) are consist of a hook on the top of a steel cup with magnets encased in, the inside magnet is neodymium generally but ferrite, smco and alnico is also available for specific applications.

The magnetic force of magnetic hooks are very strong compared to magnet alone, an efficient magnetic circuit generated by pot magnets centralize all the magnetic field to be gathered on only one side, , upon this the magnetic force is several times stronger.

The magnetic hooks are very durable, the hard and rigid steel case ensure the magnets wont break easily like magnets alone, as the magnets are safely kept inside the steel cup and protected very well against cracking when collided.

Types of Magnetic Hooks

Manufacturing method

The hook is assembled into the thread stub of steel cup, while the magnet is glued inside the steel cup, interleaving by a plastic ring or epoxy, both punched and lathed steel cup is producible, a suitable balance between magnetic force and cost for different sizes need to be considered. If the magnetic hooks will be used on easily scratched surface, a rubber coating can be injected on the bottom of pot magnet.

There are different series of hooks for various applications, standard hook, eyelet hooks and rotatary hooks are most regular, also a lot of interesting custom hooks can be fixed on the pot magnets to meet specific requirements. The steel case and hooks can be painted with many colors if the MOQ meet painting factorys request.


You can use the magnetic hooks everywhere for handling purposes in commercial and industrial, like office, store, home, and industrial working room. As the magnetic is permanent, it is more safe than traditional hooks, several different styles of hooks are available for various handling ways, and a complete of sizes with magnetic forces from 3kg to 1,000kg, which can meet almost all kinds of handling jobs.